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Spain is among the leading countries regarding electronic signature, with a high level of implantation in its application.

AC Camerfirma S.A. as a Spanish leading provider of business authentication in the private sector can provide his knowledge of technology in a European or even worldwide basis.

And that is known by many European and South-American countries which have developed or are developing legislation about what means the electronic signature there.

From its beginning as an anonymous society, Camerfirma keeps a strong relationship with the South-America markets and has a large experience doing consulting and implementing PKI with South-American Chambers of Commerce (the Chamber of Commerce of Uruguay, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, the Chamber of Commerce of Chile, etc.).

Camerfirma also is founder member of Chambersing , society formed by European chambers which main goals are:

  • Attain the International recognition of the certificates emitted by the Chambers of Commerce.
  • Assure the homogeneity of certificates.
  • Increase Ecommerce Security.
  • Promote the on-line commerce, the foreign commerce.

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