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Business Wear is a Brand new USB device that is going to change completely the electronic signature concept doing it fully mobile, independent and secure. It will allow a real mobile work.

  1. What is it?With the appearance of a common flash drive, BusinessWear contains everything necessary to bring the office with you: recognized digital certificate, your own Internet browser, your email application with signing and encryption functionality, your encryption application to store confidential documents and above all, your certificate and your application for electronic signature (PDF, XAdES, CAdES), ready to use wherever you are and compatible with all existing formats in the market. It also has an internal memory expandable up to 2GB in order to store everything you need for your work.
  2. What is it for?
    • To sign electronically, with full legal validity, any document in any format. Reports, bids, proposals, contracts, invoices, agreements … all of them can be signed thanks to its signature application.
    • To have your own browser anywhere, your bookmarks and accessories, completely safe and without leaving any trace, and have access to any network service that requires your certificate.
    • To send and receive emails with ease, being able to sign or encrypt with your certificate.
    • To edit any text document wherever you are, with a free editor compatible with MS Office and OpenOffice.
    • To safely carry personal or confidential files, with the assurance that they are encrypted and only available for you.
  3. How does it work? You only need a free USB port in a computer. Nothing is installed, nothing has to be configured. And above all, it does not leave any trace or record of what is done in the computer where it is connected. True plug & play.
  4. Is it made for me?
    • Need to sign documents? Contracts, proposals, agreements, expense sheets, vacations, invoices, etc.
    • Need to perform transactions over the Internet from anywhere with a digital certificate?
    • Need a tool in which store your confidential documents securely in encrypted form?
    • Do you want a digital certificate generated in a secure device that does not require a card reader and without any installation?
    • Are you a person with great mobility, which requires a device that allows you to perform these and many other operations?
  5. BusinessWear is designed for:
    • Officials
    • Professional Associations
    • Legal representatives
    • Executives
    • Self-employed
    • Sale people
    • Valuation offices
    • Human Resources
    • Officials

    And in general, for all those working in:

    • SMEs
    • Large company
    • Public Administration
  6. How can I get it? Through any Chamber of Commerce & Camerfirma.

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