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The OCSP service provides standardized information RFC 2560. on the status of a digital certificate, that means, if the certificate checked is active or revoked. This service responds to client applications that perform a standardized request and know how to interpret the answer.

OCSP service is available from the website http://ocsp.camerfirma.com. The service information is also specified in the certificate, extension AIA (Authority Information Access).

  • In the website http://ocsp.camerfirma.com, requests on the status of all certificates issued by Camerfirma are responded.
  • The responses will be signed.
  • The responder will sign the response with a certificate issued to the OCSP service by the same CA that issued the certificate checked.
  • The OCSP service is offered free.

OPENSSL will be used as an example to access to the Camerfirma OCSP: openssl ocsp -issuer CACamerfirma.pem -serial 0x0F0B -nonce -url http://ocsp.camerfirma.com -CAfile VA-root.pem -VAfile VA-ocspSign.pem Being the answer: Response verify OK 0x0F0B: revoked This Update: Aug 25 08:46:13 2005 GMT Next Update: Aug 25 08:51:13 2005 GMT Reason: superseded Revocation Time: Dec 23 15:27:46 2004 GMT

In order to validate the OCSP server response, the following certificates are needed:

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